TSOA Student organization

The Transfer Student Outreach Alliance Student Organization is the official university-wide transfer student organization at SDSU. The TSOA student organization is housed in the Division of Academic Engagement & Student Achievement and partners with programs across the entire campus to better serve the SDSU transfer student population. 

Fall 2018 TSOA Workshop Series posted soon!

Want to get involved in the TSOA student leadership team for the 18-19 Academic Year?

Email your resume (and SDSU Red ID) to the TSOA Student Organization 
[email protected]

Special thanks to the 17-18 TSOA Executive Officers for their service to the SDSU transfer student community!

Tim Dutton
Rossy Garcia
Kayla Matthews
Jenn Rapolla

We also thank Kelly Liang, M.A. for her dedication and contributions to the transfer student community.  On behalf of DAESA, we congratulate Kelly on her new position and wish her continued success in her leadership role at CSU Monterey Bay!

TSOA Student Organization


Connect with peers who share the same goals as you! Connect with our official transfer student organization. Get involved in a leadership role to help support and advance the success of transfer students at SDSU!