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Congratulations new and continuing transfer students! View our Transfer Success web presentation for tools and resources.

The Transfer Student Success team in Academic Affairs utilizes a student-centered approach to facilitate the success of newly admitted transfer students who completed their intent to enroll and continuing transfer students at San Diego State University.

We connect transfer students to campus resources and opportunities as early as possible to help ease their transition to campus and so transfer students can maximize their success at SDSU.

Our work began in fall 2015, working closely with the Transfer Student Outreach Allliance student organization. With direct and continuous feedback from SDSU transfer students, we implement opportunities to support and advance transfer student individual and collective success.

New and continuing SDSU transfer students from every major are welcome and encouraged to participate in the ongoing program of workshops, events, and/or mentorship sponsored or co-sponsored by the TSOA student organization.


Prospective Transfer Student Applicants

Students who have applied, waiting for acceptance, have not completed their Intent to Enroll or Future Applicants:
Please contact our Transfer Admissions team at   and visit our main  Transfer Admissions website

New Fall 2021 Transfer Students ONLY

SDSU transfer students WHO COMPLETED THEIR INTENT TO ENROLL or CONTINUING SDSU transfer students can email at [email protected] and we will gladly connect you to the appropriate resource(s) or answer your questions. 

If you have not been admitted to SDSU, please email for your specific questions

Transfer Student Success Team

Michelle Lopez, Assistant Dean for Student Success, Team Lead

Rise Diamond, M.A., Leadership & Engagement Coordinator

Brenda Diaz, B.A., Student Success Coordinator

Dr. Martha Enciso, Associate Director, Weber Honors College
Visit Weber Honors College for information about the SDSU honors experience.

Get Involved in the Transfer Student Outreach Alliance Student Organization!

Maryam Abdul-Sattar

President/Chair, Transfer Student Outreach Alliance Student Organization


  • Connect with transfer student peers who share the same goals as you!
  • Get involved early in a leadership role to help support and advance the success of transfer students at SDSU.
  • For additional information contact the TSOA Student Organization below on Instagram: