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  • Congratulations to our 2020 SDSU Tau Sigma transfer student members! We look forward to celebrating your academic achievements soon!
  • National Transfer Student Week is October 19 - 23, 2020
    Interested in partnering up with TSOA to host a transfer-specific event this week? Email
  • Transfer Student Success Summit - 2020 July date to be posted soon!
    Special thanks to our faculty/administrator speakers (Dr. Lisa Gates, Ine Williams, Dr. Tarbox, Dr. Enciso, Dr. Rodriguez) for partnering with us in July to make our 2019 event a success!
  • First in your Family to Earn a College Degree?
    Maximize your success at SDSU by connecting to resources early!
  • Your Transfer Student Voice
    Join one of A.S.'s many committees

Transfer Student Achievement

The Division of Faculty Advancement and Student Success at San Diego State University welcomes transfer students to our community!

San Diego State University boasts one of the most dynamic transfer student populations in California. High achieving students from a myriad of educational and professional backgrounds join our ranks each year to enhance the rich diversity that comprises our transfer student community.

A wealth of opportunity exists for transfer students who intend to engage in the transformational university experience actively. The Transfer Student Outreach Alliance, a student peer-led organization, helps to connect students to essential resources, which are vital to student success. Those opportunities and resources include:

  • Leadership
  • Service-Learning
  • Internships
  • Community Service
  • Mentorship
  • Study Abroad/Intern Abroad
  • Scholarships

Connect, learn, and get involved in all that student life has to offer. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Engage!

Connect with peers who share your experience! Connect with our official transfer student organization, the Transfer Student Outreach Alliance. Get involved in a leadership role to help support and advance the success of transfer students at SDSU. Connect!