Currently enrolled SDSU transfer students are encouraged to seek advising from the following university faculty/staff advisers:

  • Major Advising - As an incoming and continuing transfer student, one of the best resources for transfer students is your major adviser. Your major adviser will help you choose your upper division courses so that you graduate in a timely manner. This is also a great opportunity to learn about early graduate school preparation, career options and how to engage in other campus or community experiences to complement your coursework.
  • Academic Advising Center - In addition to meeting with your major adviser, transfer students are encouraged to see an adviser at the Academic Advising Center. There, an adviser can help you.
  • Understand graduation requirements
  • Develop an academic plan
  • Evaluate transfer credit
  • Choose or change a major
  • Plan your next semester's schedule
  • Satisfy mathematics and writing competencies
  • Remove probationary status to avoid disqualification
  • File for graduation

Preprofessional Advising. Interested in a preprofessional career? Advising is available for student who seek admission to the following professional schools: Medical, Law, Physical Therapy, and Social Work. Contact information for preprofessional advising.

Prospective students are encouraged to get their questions answered at the SDSU Prospective Student Center or visit the SDSU Transfer Admissions Site

Connect with peers who share the same goals as you! Connect with our official transfer student organization. Get involved in a leadership role to help support and advance the success of transfer students at SDSU. Connect!